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The Jonangi is a native Dog breed of India, found all along the east coast of India, from Bengal to Kanyakumari. The east coast of India has a long history of trade relations with South-East Asia. Therefore, it is thought that the ancestors of the Jonangi arrived near Lake Kolleru from South-East Asia in ancient times. He is used for hunting small game, as a watchDog, and for herding ducks. This is a spunky, primitive-type Dog that is wary with strangers. It does not usually bark but makes a yodelling sound similar to that of a Basenji. The female comes into heat once per year.


The Jonangi is reminiscent of a Bull Terrier but is not stocky or cobby. It is a typical primitive pariah-type Dog, and shares many common characteristics with other Dogs of this type all over the world. Perhaps the most similar breed to the Jonangi is the Basenji, not the western show Dog, but the real African village Dog. Its coat is extremely short and fine, in solid colours of fawn, biscuit, chocolate, black or white. Brindle is acceptable. It has a wrinkled forehead, thin curled tail, and tulip ears. The Jonangi stands 14 to 16 inches at the withers. This is a one-man or one-family Dog.

The Jonangi is threatened by extinction. Efforts are underway to preserve it.

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